As usual, this year’s WorldWide Partner Conference did not disappoint. What an amazing time meeting partners from all around the world, and reconnecting with many folks from right here in Redmond.

There were so many highlights, it was hard to choose, but here are a few I thought I’d share:

  • Our SMART P2P sessions were great and the partners really liked what they learned, and it’s just a bonus that we received high ratings from WPC.
  • The networking opportunities were absolutely phenomenal!
  • The Gwen Stefani concert was awesome.
  • This feeling of serendipity – meeting the right partners at the right time. An example: at the first keynote address, myself and a friend were looking for a seat among thousands of people and having a hard time. We finally find two open seats – and they’re next to partners we work with and adore from South Africa who we haven’t seen in ages!
  • The social hours and fabulous food around Toronto were definite perks!

USA Celebration WPC 2016

  • And our personal favorite: at our ISV Accelerator dinner, we had the privilege of having Gavriella Schuster and Kati Quigley join our small team, showing they care about what we’re doing for ISV’s.

ISV Dinner WPC 2016

Woven throughout WPC was the idea of driving change in the marketplace, with amazing themes like Internet of Things, Partner-to-Partner, Digital Transformation, Big Data, and Women in Technology.

It’s always so inspiring and motivating to attend WPC, this spirit of winning together. There’s nothing like 16,000 partners coming together to build innovation and win together in the marketplace.

While at WPC, Devreve and TKG launched our SMART P2P framework, really building on this idea of coming together to win, and using Trust, Transformation, and Execution through channel development to build out strong partnerships. (To learn more, visit

We can’t wait to see what WPC 2017 holds!

Until next time…

Diana Kreklow