YIKES! I found myself in a messy greenhouse and I had to take a step back and ponder how did it get like this? I was facing an overflow of dormant bulbs, wind torn panels, overgrown planters and, worst of all, the signs of a critters nest! Why didn’t I just spend a few hours to keep it from overgrowing? What kept me from providing even the smallest amount of care and touch up? As I started clearing a path and diving into the cleaning, a thought came to me: this is just like partnerships – if you don’t nurture and maintain them, you will have a lot of clutter and very few positive results and growth.

I like gardening very much, but I’m not crazy about all the bending and the labor that’s often required. Pretty similar to my partnership workloads, I love a lot of the work and yet there are a few practices I struggle with. Back in my greenhouse, I pushed ahead, I planted the seedlings, worked on clearing the flower beds, sorted the bulbs, and pulled weeds. Now I have a functioning work area and a place the flowers will thrive. I’m inspired and hopeful my efforts will produce beautiful flowers. I’ve found the key to successful partnerships is almost identical to my gardening work: you need to do the planning, nurturing, growing and maintenance.

Build a plan to grow new partnerships this spring. Don’t let your partnerships lack attention – spring into action today!