Program Management

Microsoft invests billions of dollars in partner programs yet most partners have a difficult time understanding what programs are right for them or how to qualify often leaving thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.
Learn how to leverage the Microsoft dollars that are available. Tap into funding designed to make your business soar. Let TKG’s team of experienced managers uncover and manage the programs that align to your business model.

Just how much money are you leaving on the table? That is often what our Power-Up Performance for Program Management is about. Understanding and leveraging marketing and business investment funds put in place by your alliance partners to help you capture more market share is a big part of our value proposition.

With TKG you will realize the full value of your partner requirements. Ensure you are always compliant across programs that include commitments for customer references, CSAT, training, resourcing and competencies. Leverage software, training and technology advisory hours needed by your teams to remain at the top of their game. Build valuable connections with product managers, marketing and partner account resources as you help them reach their scorecard commitments, ensuring they return to you to execute again when new funding programs are introduced.

  • Solution Incentive Programs (SIP)
  • Joint Go To Market Initiatives
  • Business Incentive Funding Programs (Proof of Concepts, Assessments, etc.)
  • Marketing Development Funding
  • Getting to Gold –Identifying and Managing Microsoft Competencies
  • Executive Briefing Conferences
  • CxO Summits
  • Technical Briefing Enablement Programs
  • Conference Meeting Management – Facilitate and Maximize Executive Briefings


Sales Incentive Programs

With the potential to return thousands if not millions of dollars to your bottom line, sales incentive programs require a disciplined attention to detail to ensure no deals are missed in the complex process of recognizing your influence role in the sales cycle. Skilled in the management and execution of sales incentive programs such as:

  • Rebates and Royalty Programs
  • Proof of Concept Programs
  • Business Accelerate Programs
  • Business Incentive Funding (BIF)
  • Marketing Development Funding (MDF)

And with deep understanding of how to extract the right data from your CRM solutions to managed various program criteria, TKG is your one-stop program manager for helping you maximize your sales incentive program ROI.


“Managing PSX to register and qualify for SIP funds was a challenge. Our internal team had limited experience with Microsoft systems and we were missing the opportunity to realize revenues from programs Microsoft established to recognize the influence we broker with our prospects and clients. TKG helped us establish processes that were easy to implement. They managed the uploads into the Microsoft system ensuring we were never left out of the SIP evaluation process for any deal.”

Operations Manager, Global ISV

Is your Partner and Channel program missing something? If you want to find out how TKG can help you drive greater performance and profits,