Hi! Can I tell you how thrilled I am for next week? Inspire should truly be an incredible experience! And yes, I know it will be hot, and my feet will want to fall off, but every year it just gets better! I don’t know what I’m most excited about; to meet new people, see old friends, observe new innovations, hear the   lunch panel or the Corenotes by Satya Nadella and Gavriella Schuster. And for the first time, Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready, are going to be held in the same city, during the same week, allowing the opportunity for partners and field teams to collaborate on solutions, in person. Can we say BOOM!?

Inspire is all about Innovation, Partnership and Leadership, which you all know fuels my passion. SMARTP2P sessions are back again this year with a focus on Making SMART Decisions about Partnerships and How to  Execute Those Partnerships Flawlessly in the Grow SMART Partnerships Workshop and Group Discussion. The proven framework covers the challenge of building trust, how to determine the current state of partnerships and steps to prioritize, plan, and execute successful partnerships. Join the journey where tangible advice for great success is given in an interactive way at the Roadmap to Transforming Your Partnerships breakout.  P2P experts will share “best in class” practices for partnering, and showcase engagement models to accelerate your success. You will leave with the tools to assess, plan and execute partnerships successfully. We already have over 100 partners signed up for these sessions, so sign up today!

For those of you who aren’t going to make this event, I invite you to join me by following @kreklowgroup. I’ll send you fun tidbits and real-time updates from Las Vegas.

Whew! I guess it’s time to pack!

Safe travels and I can’t wait to see you there!